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SEO Consultant in Cumberland?

Lisa has delivered outstanding bespoke SEO strategies for Cumberland Businesses, with ROI at the forefront to increase all size business revenues and return increased profitability covering all trades, services & products; from Local & National to International services and Online stores.
Lisa Kruppa SEO Consultant


Local SEO

🌏 Google my business
🌏 Local - Int. SEO
🌏 Local backlinks building
🌏 Local SEO optimisation

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO refers to the process of β€˜optimising’ your online presence to attract more business from relevant local searches.

Regional SEO

🌏 Google my business
🌏 Regional SEO targeting
🌏 Regional backlinks building
🌏 Regional SEO optimisation

Who is this for?

Regional SEO is for website owners who's target audience is located in a county, region or major cities.

National & Int. SEO

🌏 Google my business
🌏 Broad SEO targeting
🌏 Broad backlinks building
🌏 Broad SEO optimisation

What is National SEO?

National & Int. SEO is a long-term investment that can separate your business from the competitors.

Voice Search SEO

🌏 Long tail query optimisation
🌏 Featured snippets
🌏 Position zero
🌏 Competitive research

"Hey Google"

β€œWould you say a search query in the same words as you’d type it? No”
Voice Search is the natural and easy way of finding the answers we need from the web.

Google Penalty removal

🌏 Fix drops in ranking
🌏 Address technical issues
🌏 Link disavows
🌏 Reconsideration requests

Is this a problem?

If your site has been issued with a manual or algorithmic penalty by Google, it’s essential to conduct a thorough link audit, removal and recovery process

Competitor Analysis

🌏 Identify opportunities
🌏 Link research
🌏 Traffic monitoring
🌏 Rank tracking

Is this important?

Competitor analysis is an essential component of corporate strategy. It is argued that most firms do not conduct this type of analysis systematically enough

SEO Consultancy

🌏 Understand your business
🌏 Health checks and audits
🌏 Research and planning
🌏 Optimisation and execution

Why Lisa?

Lisa is a well reputed SEO consultant who can help you capture and convert organic traffic by using industry-leading tools and tried and tested strategic approaches.

E-Commerce SEO

🌏 Product/Brand SEO analysis
🌏 Keyword research
🌏 Competitor analysis
🌏 SET goals & optimise

Increase your online ROI

Lisa offers a range of organic eCommerce SEO services designed to better understand your customer’s journey, how they think, what they need, and how they search for solutions

SEO Training

🌏 SEO training for beginners
🌏 Technical SEO training
🌏 Learn how to get your website on page 1 of search engines
🌏 From £395 per day

Why should I learn SEO?

Gain an understanding of organic search results. You’ll learn the key elements for creating an effective SEO strategy and how to build on this to grow your business.

Website Development

🌏 Bespoke designs
🌏 Mobile & SEO optimised
🌏 Hosting packages
🌏 Domain name registration

Our Design & Development

Our websites are developed to include a content management system, customised to suit Lisa's client’s needs.

Multilingual SEO

🌏 Creation in any target language
🌏 Shopping cart localisation
🌏 Work with all major CMS’s

Sounds good to me!

Our β€œNEW” Internationalisation content services fits right into Lisa’s service offering and that is what Lisa is offering, access to Europe and beyond

Multilingual Chat Box

🌏 Languages to ease customer communication
🌏 Clear and simple messaging
🌏 Great support from our language team

Chat Boxes in ALL languages!

Chatbots in language to ease customer communication. Clear and simple messaging with great support from our language team, means you can sell in any language market.

‘Your 1st choice for Freelance SEO Consultant in Cumberland’

Local Freelance SEO Consultant in Cumberland

Lisa’s SEO services factor in all aspects of Google’s ever evolving core algorithms. SEO & SEM strategies are both modelled from search intent, quality factors, trust, reputation and overall user experience.

Whether Lisa provides you with SEO Consultancy, planning, strategies, training or a full service, you will soon begin to see an increase in both the search engine visibilty and traffic to your website.

Lisa has helped all size business’s throughout the UK and Worldwide across a variety of different trades, services & products and languages.

If your website isn’t on on the first page of results across the Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines, it is likely that many potential customers will not be aware of your services or brand.

Optimising your website to gain better visibility in the search engines is a key way of boosting visits to your website, in turn increasing brand awareness, leads, and ultimately conversions.

Call Lisa, your local Freelance SEO Consultant in Cumberland today: 0757 88 00 441

SEO Consultant

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    We serve all of Cumberland:

    Tailor made SEO Packages from Β£250 per month

    Some of our services include…

    Initial Analysis

    • Website Analysis & Duplicate Checks
    • Backlink Audit
    • Competitor & Keyword Research
    • Keyword URL Mapping
    • Baseline Rank Report

    On Page Optimisation

    • Internal Page Analysis
    • Title Tags Optimisation
    • META Tags Optimisation
    • Content Optimisation
    • Heading Tags & Images Optimisation

    Technical Analysis

    • Canonicalisation/301 Redirect
    • Robots.txt & Sitemap Creation
    • Responsiveness & Permalink Analysis
    • Schema & Page Speed Analysis

    Tools Optimisation

    • Google Search Console Setup
    • Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
    • Google Analytics Setup & Integration
    • Variable Key Term Rank Tracking

    SEO Consultant in Cumberland | Local Cumberland SEO Services | SEO Training Cumberland | Google Penalties Removed for Cumberland Business Websites

    Some of the companies Lisa has worked with

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